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Shatterbox Coffee Bar (Review)

| January 24, 2013 | 3 Comments

The term ‘coffee shop’ seems much too pedestrian when describing the Shatterbox Coffee Bar, recently opened on Yates street (across from the Market on Yates.)

As I observed owner and visionary Kalen Harris greet return customers by name, it’s not difficult to figure out the reason why the local community has adopted Harris, his fiancée Karen, and the Shatterbox itself since its opening just six short weeks ago. Currently working seven days a week, it’s clear that making and serving great coffee is a labour of love for Harris. Whose experience working as a barista in Hamburg Germany began as simply a way to pay the bills, and instead ignited in him, a passion for the craft. The Shatterbox combines pleasant, quick and enjoyable service alongside great food and coffee served in a comfortable, classy space showcasing local art.

Dark and Stormy MochaHarris explained his wish that the Shatterbox become a touchstone for the community and a place for people to make connections. For those looking to relax for a moment, the second floor is filled with seating and more local art, including Harris’ fiancée and co-owner Karen’s art studio.

Whether you’re looking to sit and relax or enjoy your coffee on the run, the Shatterbox Coffee Bar is worth a visit. My current favorite is the Dark and Stormy Mocha – an onslaught of spices and cocoa, not too sweet, with some heat to back it up!

Shatterbox Coffee Bar
950 Yates Street
Victoria, BC
(778) 432-2121

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  1. Shawn says:

    I’ve been meaning to stop in there because I saw they have Drumroaster brand coffee, which is delicious! And I’m very tired of the big chains. Shop local :)

  2. Darryn says:

    Let us know what you think of it once you’ve tried it Shawn!

  3. Till says:

    Way to go you two! I love it!

    Hamburg hugs you & Karen

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