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White Spot (Fort Street) Review

| May 7, 2012 | 2 Comments

White Spot has been a B.C. restaurant staple for many decades, known in its early days for their famous “carhops”, who would bring the customers their food orders to their car. Unfortunately the days of carhops are long gone, but White Spot is still going strong over 80 years later.

Craving some comfort food, we decided to try the White Spot on Fort Street near the Oak Bay border. Having recently undergone a renovation in 2010, the interior is fresh and modern. On a Wednesday evening, the restaurant was fairly empty, and we were promptly seated in a booth. Dayna decided to go with a classic, The Legendary burger ($9.99), served as a 1/4lb beef burger with the signature “Triple O” sauce. I decided to try one of the new menu items, the Smokey BBQ Bigger Burger ($12.99), which is a 6oz beef burger with smoked cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, chipotle mayo, relush, lettuce and tomato. The menu mentioned a multi-grain bun option which I wanted to order, but by the time came to actually place the order, I forgot. It would have been nice if our server had asked if I wanted the optional multi-grain bun…a mistake on both our parts I guess.

Smokey BBQ Bigger Burger

The Legendary Burger

The Smokey BBQ Bigger burger lived up to its name, being much larger than The Legendary burger on the other side of the table. The beef patty was thick and juicy, and well cooked throughout. There was plenty of garnishing on top of the burger and I loved the sauteed onions, along with lots of BBQ sauce that added a nice smokey BBQ taste to the burger that made it finger licking good! As is typical with many saucy burgers, there was enough sauce to make the burger slide out of the bun with every bite I took, leaving me with more burger than bun by the time I got to the end. If anyone has figured out a solution to this problem, please let me know!

The Legendary burger also lived up to its name, with its classic Triple O sauce. Dayna particularly noted the melted, gooey cheese, commenting how delicous it was. For both of our burgers, the fries were tasty and fresh, with more of a fluffy center, placing them somewhere in between the fries at Red Robins (thick cut) and McDonalds.

Overall, especially when you consider the price, our meal at White Spot was top notch. I guess with over 80 years under their belts, they have their burgers down to a fine art. If you’re craving a a quick and tasty no frills burger, White Spot would be a good choice.

White Spot
1871 Fort St
Victoria, BC
(250) 595-4442

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  1. Hi Darryn,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We’re glad to hear that you had such a positive dining experience and that your meal has met your expectations.

    Our Smokey BBQ Burger is certainly a popular one. We agree, the BBQ sauce makes it extra tasty. We’ve heard from some of our guests that a tip to eating your burger and ensuring each bite is complete, is to rotate the burger each time you take a bite. Hopefully that helps keep everything in place. We’ll be happy to provide a few extra napkins, just in case!

    Thank you again for your kind review. We’ve passed it along to our restaurants as well. We hope to serve you again soon.

    Kristy Eirikson
    Marketing Manager, White Spot Restaurants

  2. Darryn says:

    Hi Kristy. Funnily enough I always use the “burger rotation” technique. Thanks for your comments and a delicious meal!

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