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Rebar Modern Food Restaurant (Review)

| July 8, 2012 | 2 Comments

Rebar Modern Food Restaurant is a popular food joint for Victoria locals, and is well known throughout the region for the vegetarian and vegan friendly menu options. The restaurant is decorated with a mix of vibrant colours and artsy decor and finishes, making it a great stop for a casual meal. The restaurant is often busy with lineups out the door, as was the case when I stopped in for a Saturday lunch.

Even though there was a line-up when I arrived, I was quickly seated within 5 minutes. To begin I ordered the Dale Evans smoothie ($7.00), which includes strawberries, bananas, vanilla, and soy milk. The smoothie was delicious, being just thick enough to taste similar to a milkshake, but smooth enough to easily drink through a straw. My tastebuds loved the combination of fruits so much that I unfortunately finished it before my food even arrived – surely a good sign!

For my meal I ordered the Eggs Kurosawa ($11.00), which is scrambled eggs with grilled organic tofu, red peppers, scallions, arame seaweed, soy-chile sauce and toasted sesame seeds on organic brown rice with multigrain toast. The first thing I noticed was the generous chunks of tofu in the dish. There was also plenty of scrambled eggs, but I found the dish to be lacking taste overall, with most of the taste coming from the soy-chile sauce. The toast was thin with a light coating of butter, and a small dish of fresh jam on the side.

Overall I enjoyed my meal, and would definitely go back to Rebar for another. What I would especially like to go back and try is some of the delicious looking baked goods they had on display.

Are you a Rebar regular? Have you tried the baked goods? What do you recommend I try next time I go?

Rebar Modern Food Restaurant
50 Bastion Square
Victoria, BC

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Comments (2)

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  1. Dallaslas says:

    Rebar is awesome. I frequent there whenever am in Victoria, and the other place I recently discovered not too far off is Venus Sophia in Chinatown. I just adore that place, it’s so unique and versatile. And it’s vegetarian of course…. the food is so gooood!

  2. Darryn says:

    I hadn’t heard of Venus Sophia. Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll have to check it out!

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