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Qoola Frozen Yogurt Bar review

| June 27, 2011 | 2 Comments

One of the first stores to open at the new Uptown Center in Saanich was Qoola. Located near Futureshop, this is Qoola’s first store in Victoria, but they have several other stores in Vancouver, and one in the Phillipines! Qoola’s focus is on their frozen yogurt and fresh fruit toppings, but also offers other menu items such as waffles, smoothies, qrush (mix of slushies and frozen yogurt), and other bottled drinks depending on which store you go to.

At our first trip to Qoola, we were greeted at the door by a friendly staff member, who asked us if we had been there before. Since we had not, we were given a brief explanation of how it works.  Pick a cup size, pick your flavour of frozen yogurt, pick your fresh toppings, and then pay based on the weight of the final item.  All of this is done by you, self serve, so it makes it that much more interesting than a regular ice cream/frozen yogurt joint, and makes you want to come back.

There are a variety of flavours of frozen yogurt available, from the basic vanilla and chocolate to other flavours like strawberry banana or raspberry pomegranate.  We both went the classic chocolate and vanilla (the sweet tooth was calling), and we were both surprised at how good it tasted! It was creamy and smooth and tasted very much like ice cream – I’m not sure I would’ve been able to tell the difference if I didn’t know.

A wide variety of flavours

Next we moved onto the toppings. If you’re indecisive like me, this can be a challenge because there A LOT of toppings to choose from. There are two sides to choose from – one side is fresh fruits, and the other is sweet candy and chocolate style toppings.  Qoola prides itself on only serving fresh fruit, but at the time we went, previously frozen fruit was being used. The explanation given was the time of year (May), so that was a little disappointing when it is something featured so promptly in their advertising.  But that didn’t bother us, we both went for the “sweet” side, which has toppings like mini cookies, nits, sprinkles, gummy bears, coco puffs, and many more that I can’t remember.

Fruit toppings

Sweet toppings

Once we were done, the final damage was $10.86 for the two cups you see below.  Not a bad price considering everything we added.  If you haven’t been to Qoola yet, we highly recommend it, both for the experience, and for the great tasting and quality ingredients that you can pick from!

101-3531 Uptown Blvd (near to Futureshop)
Victoria BC, V8Z 0B9
(250) 590-6816

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