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Montanas Cookhouse (Review)

| September 10, 2012 | 3 Comments

Montanas Cookhouse, located in the Tillicum Mall, offers a “15 Minute Express Lunch” menu for those people on the go who want a quick lunch, or need to get back to the office before their lunch break is over. If you order from this menu, they guarantee the food will be on your table within 15 minutes, or it is free. We decided to put it to the test one Friday afternoon.

EDIT: We have learnt that as of December 2012, the 15 minute lunch menu has been pulled and is no longer offered. Maybe they were giving out too many free meals?

I ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich ($11.99), with pork shoulder rubbed and smoked, covered with Apple Butter BBQ sauce and cheddar, and topped with spicy dusted onion straws on a roasted garlic Panini bun. Dayna ordered the Buff-A-Que Wrap ($9.99), made with lightly breaded chicken tenders tossed in a blend of Buffalo and BBQ sauce, double-smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce, wrapped in a flour tortilla. Both dishes came with fries (salad substitute available).

The Pulled Pork sandwich came loaded with pork, but was disappointing compared to others I’ve had before. The pork didn’t have enough sauce and was dry, whereas all pulled pork sandwiches I’ve had before have been dripping with sauce. The onion straws on top were delicious (I love onion straws), and the Panini bun was soft and fresh.

The Buff-A-Que Wrap chicken tenders were nicely seasoned, although slightly lacking the amount of food in the wrap itself as it was a little on the small side. The fries were hot and fresh, but blended into the crowd of french fries you would find at any chain restaurant.

The best part of the meal though was that the food arrived at our table almost 18 minutes after placing our order, which meant our lunch was on the house! The tables come with crayons and paper, so you can write the time down as you place your order so you don’t forget, or simply start the timer on your phone, which is what we did. All we had to do was show our server the timer and we were told no problem, our meals would be free!

While the food was average, the value is tough to beat, especially if you are on a tight schedule. I would go with 50/50 odds of a free meal every time if I could!

Have you been to Montanas and tried their 15 minute lunch menu? Did you get yours in time, or was your meal free? Let us know in the comments below!

Montanas Cookhouse
315 Burnside Rd W
Victoria, BC
(250) 978-9333

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Comments (3)

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  1. Siska says:

    Today my husband n I went to Montana’s Tillicum, 29-04-13 for dinner.
    We was waiting for 25 minutes for the service but no want come to us. The waitress come by about 5x but no want come to us for serve, ask drink or order the food. We really disappointed about the service, the restaurant wasn’t busy but no one come over to us. The serve was to slow, we deside leaved the restaurant. Never come again. We come very often but few times lately we don’t get good serve. Use to be busy n fast serve, seat down 5 minute waitress come over the drink. Not lately really disappointed!!!!!!

  2. Darryn says:

    Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. Surprising that no one came to get your order after such a long time!

  3. Brandon says:

    Worst Steak Ever!!
    My pepper steak was like chewing rubber and the pepper sauce was just brown gravy with black pepper. I get it, cooking a good steak isn’t easy, but a place that calls itself a cookhouse should be able to provide more than a choking hazard. Oh it is way over priced!!

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