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Kelsey’s Restaurant (Review)

| December 22, 2012 | 0 Comments

kelseysOne Tuesday night, my girlfriend and I needed to head to Old Navy in Tillicum Mall. I wanted to treat her to a belated birthday dinner, so she picked Kelsey’s, since we would be in the neighbourhood.

We arrived on a Tuesday at 7.00pm, and were surprised to find there was a line up. After waiting a minute or two, the hostess arrived and told us the wait would be five to ten minutes. She added our names to the waitlist and as we looked around the restaurant, it appeared to be half empty. There was a large number of empty tables around the dining room and a few empty booths and stools in the bar area. We wondered why there was a wait. 

While we waited the hostess brought us a menu, which was much appreciated. Luckily the wait was as predicted and within about ten minutes we were taken to a table.

Our waitress came shortly after and did apologise for the wait, which was nice, but still offered no explanation for why we needed to wait when there were plenty of empty tables. The restaurant itself boasts “Your Neighbourhood Favorite” the atmosphere is friendly and basic; pictures of movies stars adorn the walls. It reminded me of a basic franchise chain, which it is so maybe that is a good thing?

I ordered the California Clubhouse Wrap, a “new” menu item. Ancho-spiced chicken, red pepper humus, guacamole, double-smoked bacon, fresh spinach, lettuce,  roma tomatoes and feta cheese wrapped in a grilled tortilla for $12.49. I’m not a red pepper fan, but I love guacamole. I asked for no hummus and extra guacamole. I sure am glad I asked for extra, the guacamole was sparse at best, I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like without extra! I chose fries as the side, there was a good portion, but they were nothing special. The dish overall was bland and boring, I couldn’t detect any spice on the chicken. The wrap was made in my least favorite way, when all the “goods” get stuffed on one side and half of the wrap is dry with filler (lettuce and spinach). I would not order this again.


My girlfriend ordered the Cracked Peppercorn Sirloin Burger with fries for $12.99. It was listed as  “Kelsey’s Classic”. When I asked her what she thought of her meal she said “It’s a burger”, as if to say “It’s nothing special”.  As you can see from the picture the burger looked great, lots of cheese and large onion rings, but I think the meat patty itself lacked flavour.


My friend’s statement summed up our experience: the food was bland, the service was just “okay” and overall everything was adequate. I decided Kelsey’s is the type of restaurant I would visit if I was hungry when I was in that area, but I would never go out of my way to get there.

Have you been to Kelsey’s? What did you think?

Kelsey’s Restaurant
325 Burnside Rd W
Victoria, BC
(250) 978-5550

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