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Fernwood Inn (Review)

| October 9, 2011 | 0 Comments

Located in the heart of Fernwood, less than 25 minutes walk from downtown Victoria, the Fernwood Inn advertises itself as a “community gathering place” offering “locally sourced organic products, wild seafood, and Victoria’s best micro brews” and where every element of your meal is created in-house.

For a colleagues farewell party, a few coworkers and myself headed down to the Fernwood Inn, a kid friendly pub-style restaurant. The decor struck me right away; they have created a very comfortable but pub like feel, using strong colours and pairing them with dark woods. The atmosphere is very welcoming and laid back, and because it is kid friendly we were able to accommodate a single mom.  The Fernwood Inn also has a lovely patio as well as a room that can be rented out to accommodate groups of 60 or more.  And for the music lovers, live music is played twice a week: Bluegrass on Tuesday evenings and Open Mic Night every Thursday.

I ordered myself a Corona and the “Down South Chicken Strips” ($11.50) which are buttermilk marinated chicken breast served with flash friend yam fries paired with an apple cider mustard dip.  It was delicious.  The buttermilk marinade gives a thick coating to the tender chicken, which is a unique spin on the typical chicken strips that I like to order.  The yam fries were on the crispy side (how I like them!), and the dip was a lovely combination of sweet and tangy.  I was the third person at our table to order this dish, and there was an unanimous thumbs up.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for nice but casual dining at a very affordable price.  My only criticism is that parking is very limited and the police are known to actively ticket those who are parked in designated residential only parking, so plan ahead!

Click here to visit Fernwood Inn’s website and checkout their online menu!

1302 Gladstone Avenue
Victoria BC

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