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Eugene’s Greek Restaurant (Oak Bay) review

| August 18, 2011 | 0 Comments

Eugene’s Greek Restaurant has been around in Victoria since November 24, 1979! Since that time, they have opened up a number of stores in different locations. Today, they have 3, with one in Oak Bay, one in Gordon Head, and another in Colwood (edit: apparently this location has closed down, although is still listed on their website). The Oak Bay restaurant is located on the corner of Fort Street and Foul Bay Road. They offer both take out and dine in options, with a large number of tables.

I was in the area recently and needed a quick lunch, so decided to give Eugene’s a try. I’m not sure why, but a number of the items on their menu were covered up and not available for order (see picture below). Regardless, there was still plenty of items to choose from. I am a big fan of lamb, so I went with the Lamb Souvlaki ($7.15). If you look at the menu, I was expecting to pay $10.40 for my lamb souvlaki, and have it include a greek salad. But if you look all the way on the other side of the menu, you’ll see a category of “Specialties”, which has the lamb souvlaki for only $7.15. So if you want the salad, make sure you ask for it or they will assume you only want the wrap!

After paying, I was given an order number and my food was freshly cooked on the grill. The pita bread was fresh and warm, although a little greasy – the wax paper that it was wrapped in was now see through as you can see in the photo. The lamb was seasoned with Eugene’s special blend of spices – it was perfectly cooked and was delicious. Inside the pita wrap there were several fresh tomatoes, lots of onions, and of course home-made tzatziki sauce. The combination of lots of onions and the sauce was a little overpowering, I think I can still smell it on my breath two days later! But that is to be expected with greek food.

Overall, it was a tasty wrap at a fair price, especially considering it was lamb. If you’re worried about your breath afterwards, they do have gum dispensers on the wall – I’m sure they have to refill them every couple of days! There is free parking behind the building after 5.00pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.

Have you been to Eugene’s Greek Restaurant? Did you enjoy your food?

Eugene’s Greek Restaurant
#103-1990 Fort Street
Victoria, BC

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