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Dragon Gate Restaurant review

| August 21, 2011 | 1 Comment

Dragon Gate Restaurant serves Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine, and is located next to Money Mart at the intersection of Fort Street and Pandora Street in Victoria. You probably haven’t noticed if you’ve driven by that intersection, as there aren’t any big signs telling you it’s there. They’re open 6 days a week for both lunch and dinner, and offer free delivery after 4.30pm if you live within a 5km radius (and order $15 or more) of their location!

Once inside, the finishing is at a minimum, with approximately 10-15 tables, and a small (3-4 person) bar. The staff are friendly and attentive, and make you feel at home as soon as you sit down. We recently went there with a group of 6 people, so we opted for their “Dinner for 6″ menu option ($9.95 per person). It comes with fried rice, chow mein, beef & broccoli chop suey, sweet & sour lean pork, sweet & sour chicken, and deep fried prawns. The only thing you don’t see on my plate below is the prawns, as I’m not a big fan of them. There was plenty of food for all 6 of us as each dish came in a very generous serving size, and we even had leftovers at the end.

The fried rice, chow mein, beef & broccoli chop suey, sweet & sour chicken, and deep fried prawns (from what I was told) were all very good. The only complaint I had was with the sweet and sour sauce, as well as the pork. The sauce was very thick, to the point of being like a jelly. I wouldn’t consider myself an aficionado of sweet & sour pork, so maybe sweet & sour sauce is supposed to be like that? It is one of my favourite dishes however, and I have never had sweet and sour sauce this thick before. The pork was also very thick and tough, which made it hard to cut through and chew. It definitely wasn’t the best sweet and sour pork I have ever had.

The restaurant itself wasn’t very busy, but I did notice that the take out and delivery side of the restaurant was non-stop busy. The delivery driver(s) would come back inside from a delivery, pick up a new order, and head straight back out.

Overall, it was a very good meal at a reasonable price, with the only exception being the sweet and sour sauce and the pork. I would definitely order from them again (probably delivery) as the rest of the food was very good and I would like to try some of their other menu options. To see their full menu, visit their website below.

Dragon Gate Restaurant
Unit D – 1609 Fort Street
Victoria, BC
(250) 592-1178

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