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De Dutch Pannekoek House (Review)

| October 30, 2012 | 1 Comment

With the discovery of a coupon for De Dutch Pannekoek House in a local newspaper, we decided to try out the Saanich location near the intersection of Quadra St and McKenzie Ave. Already big fans of breakfast at IHOP (when will Victoria get our very own IHOP?!), we had fairly high expectations going in.

For our breakfast, we ordered the Dutch Toast – Cinnamon and Icing Sugar with Hot Cinnamony Apples ($10), and the Hash-n-Eggs – Green Pepper, Onion, Tomato, Corn, Hash Browns with Scrambled Eggs and served with toast ($10.50).

The Dutch Toast came with three slices of thick and fresh toast, covered in a light frosting of icing sugar. The hot cinnamony apples were just that, piping hot, and covered with cinnamon. The only problem was that the cinnamon was unevenly spread over the apples, so some had too much cinnamon, while others had almost none. Overall very a tasty breakfast for those with a sweet tooth.

The Hash-N-Eggs were a disappointment. After having had several hash dishes at other breakfast joints in Victoria, like Floyd’s Diner and Spoon’s Diner, the expectation was for large chunks of potato, but what was served was the tiny hash brown of the kind you would find at your local grocery store. The cheese was also disappointing (and I love cheese), as there were 2 slices of processed cheese that only covered about 50% of the potatoes. The scrambled eggs were laid on top of the hash, and not mixed in as at the other breakfast joints mentioned previously.

It wouldn’t be our first choice, but in a pinch we would visit De Dutch Pannekoek House again, although next time would probably stick to their staple dish, pancakes!

De Dutch Pannekoek House
1-4011 Quadra St
Victoria, BC
(250) 479-8208

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  1. Krysta G. says:

    Don’t bother to go again…Pannekoek is a traditional Dutch dish similar to pancakes however more crape like. De Dutch has a cheap horrible rendition of them. Pannekoek are usually savory or sweet flavourful crape like things, they are filled with all sorts of goodies, rolled and then covered with stroop (stroop is basically Dutch maple syrup). Anyway De Dutch here sucks! If you’re ever in Calgary go to Pfanntastic Pannenkoek House, you’ll get a real Dutch breakfast there!

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