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Cook’s Day Off review

| September 23, 2011 | 0 Comments

Tucked away in a small retail strip at 1883 Fort Street is Cook’s Day Off Fine Foods and Catering. They have been at this location for at least 8 years as I would sometimes pop in here for a quick bite to eat when my mother was in the Royal Jubilee Hospital across the street. For a small eatery like this to be around that long, they must be doing something right. We were recently in the area around lunch time, and decided to stop in to see what their food was like 8 years later.

Cook’s Day Off offers a wide variety of foods and desserts for any meal at any time of the day, including salmon, chicken wings, lasagnas, a large number of salads, and much more. There are a number of tables located inside the store, as well as a few tables outside if the weather is nice. There were four jugs of water for anyone to use – two were just water and ice, and the other two had lemon and mint mixed in.

I decided to have the chicken quesadilla with salsa and sour cream ($5.50) and Dayna had the vegetable and black bean burrito ($7.95). Everything is pre-made, so all that is necessary is for your meal to be heated up and brought to your table. I can’t say for certain if it was heated up in a microwave or an oven, but we didn’t wait long for our food to arrive, so I’m guessing it was a microwave.

Chicken Quesadilla

Vegetable and Black Bean Burrito

The chicken quesadilla was a generous size for the price, and did a good job of filling me up. There was little thought given to the presentation, which is to be expected as this is more of a deli-type eatery rather than a full fledged restaurant. But what was lacking in presentation was made up for in taste. There was a small amount of fresh melted cheese on top, with the salsa and sour cream served on the side. The quesadilla itself was delicious, and they did not short change me on the chicken – there was plenty. The salsa and sour cream were generic, nothing home made or special about it (but still tasty).

The same could be said for the burrito. Very generous portion size with the emphasis on taste, not presentation. Once cut into, the burrito was bursting at the seams with fillings, and was more than enough for a lunch, with leftovers for later.

For dessert, we split a brownie ($2.50). Coming from the fridge, the brownie was cold, and almost too hard, as it took a little more effort than you would think to cut into it with just a fork. But once you did get a piece in your mouth, it was delicious. If you love chocolate, you will love their brownies, as they are very rich. After a big lunch, one brownie to split between was more than enough, especially considering how rich it was.

We’d highly recommend Cooks Day Off for a quick lunch or dinner, either to eat in or to go. They also cater for small and large events, and I’m guessing the food will be just as good. To find out about their catering options, visit their website below.

Cooks Day Off Fine Food & Catering (link to their website removed due to malware)
1883 Fort Street
Victoria, BC

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