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Beacon Drive-In review

| August 31, 2011 | 0 Comments

For many years, I didn’t even know that the Beacon Drive-In served anything other than their well known soft-serve ice cream. Not only do they serve frozen treats, they also have a full menu of food items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have to say that I haven’t tried any of their food personally, but from what I’ve heard, the food may be somewhat (ok, maybe a lot) lacking in quality and taste. Click on the photo below to enlarge the photo of their full menu.

Back to what Beacon Drive-In is best known for, their soft-serve ice cream. The first word that comes to mind when having one of their cones, is creamy. Their soft-serve ice cream has to be the creamiest ice cream I’ve ever tasted. If you’re not a big fan of cream, then this may not be for you. Fortunately, I love cream and could eat it straight up as a meal, so this doesn’t bother me. I ordered the small chocolate dipped cone ($3.25), and the serving size was average for a small cone. The chocolate coating tasted just as it should, chocolatey! The cones themselves are just like any cone you buy in a grocery store, nothing special there.

Beacon Drive-In is a staple for many Victoria residents and tourists alike. On a hot summer evening, the line up can stretch into the parking lot as people wait to order their frozen treats. Their location make it a great spot to grab an ice-cream before going on a walk across the street at the beautiful Beacon Hill Park, or the for a walk along the ocean at nearby Dallas Road.

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In my opinion, their soft-serve ice cream is good, but not as good as many people make it out to be. You can have just as good of a cone (and cheaper) at other places around town. Having said that though, you have to try Beacon Drive-In at least once, just to say you have. Oh, and don’t let the name fool you, they don’t actually do the drive-in anymore.

Beacon Drive-In
126 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC

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