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Baan Thai Restaurant (Oak Bay) review

| July 17, 2011 | 0 Comments

We arrived at Baan Thai Oak Bay Location at dinner time on a Friday night and were surprised to see many of the tables vacant. We’ve been to Baan Thai many times before, at both this location and the one downtown on Douglas Street, and have never seen either restaurant this quiet.  However, while we waited for our meal to arrive, I couldn’t help but notice the volume of take-out orders that were being served – perhaps with the rain we were having Victorians are choosing to stay indoors and eat from home!

We started the meal by ordering the spring rolls (Por Pya – #1 on the menu) as an appetizer ($6.75). We received four rolls (piping hot!) made of glass noodles and vegetables with a blend of seasonings, and sweet plum sauce for our dipping pleasure. These spring rolls were excessively oily (you could see it puddled at the bottom of the fried pastry), especially compared to the spring rolls we tried at Sabhai Thai in Sidney.  Despite the extra oil, they were still very tasty.

My husband ordered the Pad Thai Gai ($12.50 – #21 on the menu), a noodle dish with chicken, tofu, and peanuts among other tasty ingredients, with mild spicing.  His meal was delicious (I had to try a few bites for quality assurance) and there was tons of it. I tried the Geang Pak ($11.50 – #38 on the menu), a red veggie curry, medium spice with a side of rice (an extra $2.50).  The rice was perfectly cooked and the red curry was a combination of sweet and spicy (and they didn’t scrimp on the tofu, bamboo shoots or veggies either!).

Pad Thai Gai

Gaeng Pak

The service was a little slow though they were very attentive. This Oak Bay location is a good alternative to the downtown location as we have never had a problem waiting for a table.  And for those who prefer (or are brave enough!) to eat with chop sticks, they are available upon request. Overall a great dining experience!

Baan Thai Restaurant
104-2000 Cadboro Bay Road
(250) 598-0057

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